Services & Fees

Boarding Rates

Includes 4 pet outings per day – 7 AM, 11 AM, 4 PM and 9 PM

  • Dog Boarding Rates: $40 per day, per dog. Save 5% or more on three dogs!
  • Cat Boarding Rates: $25 per day
  • Rabbit, Bird, and other small mammal pet boarding rates: $20 per day
  • Going Home Baths: $25-$40
  • Raised Bed Rental: $1 per day

Special Services

  • Play Yard: A member of our staff will take your dog out to our extra large play yard for 20 minutes of one-on-one playtime and exercise. $5.00 per session 
  • Nature Walk: A very nice and long pet nature walk on a retractable leash around our grassy nature trail. Great for dogs that prefer a leisurely walk over a fast game of fetch. $4.00 per walk. 
  • Peanut Buster Treats: A durable, non-toxic rubber toy filled with peanut butter and all natural biscuits. Yummy fun for your dog! $3.00 each.
  • Grooming Services: Basic grooming is available for your pet. Prices are based on size of your pet and the condition of their coat at the time of grooming.Ask us about the amazing SHED-LESS grooming service that reduces shedding from 60% to 80%!

Pet Boarding & Grooming Policies

After Hours Pick-up & Drop-off

Any pet pick-up or drop-off that does not occur during our regular business hours must be arranged by appointment. A $27 service charge will also be added to your guest invoice. 

Pet Vaccinations

All of our dog guests will need, from their vet:

  1. Valid Influenza H3N8 vaccination certificate
  2. Valid Influenza H3N2 vaccination certificate
  3. Valid DHLPP vaccination certificate
  4. Valid Rabies vaccination certificate
  5. Valid Bordetella vaccination certificate

Cats will need valid, from their vet: 

  1. Valid FVRCP vaccination certificate
  2. Valid Rabies vaccination certificate

Sorry, we cannot accept a guest without valid vaccination documentation.

* If your pet cannot get vaccinated due to a health issue, please bring a detailed explanation in writing from your vet. 

Fleas & Ticks

If any of our guests are found to have fleas and or ticks, we will dip or shampoo that guest, whichever is most appropriate, and add those charges to your guest invoice.